Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Blessed Abraham
Blessed Abraham
Abraham, leave the God of Terah, relatives and land,
Cleave to me; receive land, seed and eternal kingdom from my hand.
People will look to you as they’re carved from stone and to the mother of their birth (Isaiah 51:1-2)
And to promises you hold, that you can’t grasp the girth.
It’s me who blessed you, El Elyon one God of many names,
I’m most high from above with promises for your claims.
Travel west from sin and nations will follow but you’ll lose a few,
On pages of this book of life the old will become new.
Travel to and fro and from alters go where I’ll lead your seed,
Through separations from your loves, you’ll find I’m what you need.
Above you there are a few; you’re a father of a promise and nations,
Through your faith I will bear mercy and bless generations


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