Tuesday, May 09, 2006

a great story of a story

Chris' testimony
Wow, I've heard Chris tell his testimony twice this week! He took a recruit to dinner and forgot his debit card so he called me to bring it. I was invited to sit and eat with them and then the recruit said, "I don't know if ya'll are religious or not but I don't believe in God." I hesitated, I wanted to tell him what Christ did for him but I thought about my husbands career and that he'd be mad at me if I started something with his recruit. Before I knew it Chris proceeds to tell the guy, "yes we believe in Christ." Wow, he didn't even think twice or hesitate. Then, when we sat down the recruit became persistant, asking Chris questions about evolution etc and trying to disprove the bible. Chris calmly refuted all the arguements posed by the recruit. Then he proceeded to tell him about things that happened when he was in Afghanistan and how a friend of his helped him read God's word and how his eyes were opened to the truth. The recruit said he was going to win the arguement and called a friend then and there he said "Can you come here I need you because Post and his wife are shooting down all of my theories and I need your help here." His friend was unable to come.
Then we went to church and we were all sharing verses and things going on in our lives with an open microphone. Chris went to the front and grabbed the microphone and spoke.
I never thought I'd see the day when the athiest I married would come to Christ much less be bold telling his testimony everywhere. I thank God for his grace to save anyone who is willing to come to him!
God bless my husband!


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