Tuesday, May 09, 2006

heading west

West not East Current mood: contemplative
Ok so I'm going through Beth Moore's book the Patriarchs and it is really speaking to my situation now. In it it talks about how "going east" is an expression for straying from God. Beth aligns this with scripture of how the jews in the desert went east-away from Gods' instruction and how Lot in Genesis goes East to what would become Sodom a city of sin. I found this so interesting. Anyway, what does this mean to me? Well Chris and I just moved West and this seemed to indicate that we are aligned to God's will. I think this principle can be taken to extreme and extrapulated beyond what is intended so rather than a "sign" I chose to see it as a "hope." Ok that might be confusing, either way I'm hoping to seek God through all this I'm not arguing that because I moved west that I'm automatically in God's will. I think it's a choice of who you are going to serve, Christ said take up your cross daily and follow me and that's what I intend on doing.


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