Tuesday, May 09, 2006

life's dance

You call me to the dance of life,and I take your hand, fearing no strife.
As we start it's crisp and swift,the lustrious beauty in the lift.
Then I feel the floor beneath my feet and come swiftly in your grasp; we meet.
The shadows of two become a darker one,but this is just how the dance begun.
I'm tired.. I've danced the dance,I look for your assuring glance.
Something's wrong that don't belong,It drowns the melody of the song.
A fall causes the seperation,we keep up in frustration.
In step we were,now the shadows blur.
Follow the tune by heart play the song, go back to start.
tap the tune with feet,dance the dance and keep the beat.
Here I'll follow your lead,and the song that sings my need
,to push, touch and feel,my heart I won't conceal.
Remember the steady moves,through time we can't lose.
I am weak, you are strong,Hold me or I won't last long.


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