Tuesday, May 09, 2006

stream in the desert

stream in the desert
Ok so I'm back in the desert and as I read the bible all the desert stories stand out. Jesus, Hosea, Moses, and Haggar were in the desert when God's presense was with them. I find it encouraging; Specifically I read this morning about Haggar, Abraham and Sarai's servant who got pregnant by Abraham as Sarai wished to further Abraham's seed. Anyway Haggar ends up running from her situation and ends up in the desert by a stream when an angel appears to her. She's asked by God where are you coming from and where are you going? Of course God knows what she's running from and where she is going; She named God El Roi which means God that sees me. God saw Sarai in her troubles and cares for her. At that point she saw God. She found God in the desert. Pretty neat.In my desert I hope to always find God as the stream of water that I need to be refreshed.


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