Tuesday, May 09, 2006

this years lamb's blood

Well last night was the Passover feast. For the first time this year I really know what it's about. I remember a while back when my friend came to Passover. She told me that she prayed long and hard about it and didn't know whether to come or not because she is christian. At the time I was lost and confused in my relationship with Christ but I understood that Christ had celebrated Passover and that is how the Last Super came about. Anyway I didn't understand what I said then to it's entirety until now. We learned in New Testament class that Christ is the Passover Lanb. The one who was sacrificed for our sins just like a lamb would be sacrificed in the old testament. In the passover service a verse was a part of the service. This verse Christ quotes as refering to himself. The verse talks about the stone that the builders rejected has become the capstone. This verse tied it together for me. Wow, that verse hit my heart last night. Some unbelieving jews and christians sitting around a table and some of them have done just that, rejected the capstone. The Lamb to the Christians at the table meant Christ, his blood saved us, his flesh paid for our sins. He was a lamb that wasn't lame and was without blemish presented to God for us so that by grace we are saved through faith as a gift from God.I think Christians should know about Passover, how the Isrealites were saved from God's wrath by the lamb's blood. All of Passover is biblical and it tells of the redemption of God. A redemption that as Christians we recieve the same way. Last night I remembered the true Lamb of God. I was at the service and drank the wine and ate the matzo to remember Christ. His flesh and his blood, what a gift of God. What a fulfillment of the Old TestamentGod saved us through a sacrifice and now we can come before him without blemish and with forgiveness.


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