Tuesday, May 09, 2006

will the real paul please stand up!

Will the real Paul please stand up, please stand up
hee hee, well my dad is/was a jew. He accepts Christ now and was baptised but he says Jews don't convert because salvation is first for the Jew then for the Gentile (romans 1:!6) and that we gentiles are grafted into the family tree through adoption, this is in galatians.
His background caused a lot of confusion in my faith for a while because he'd argue that Christ was a prophet but not the messiah because peace didn't come from him as prophesied. Now I know that Jesus was the prophet like Moses in Duet 18:15 (I think that's the verse if not it's 15:18) anyway. All of this not to confuse anyone I just wanted ya'll to know the background.
My dad is the only Jew in a small town and every christian wanted to "convert" him. He's reminded me of Paul this last year, his heart was so hardened to accepting Christ because he felt that by acknowledging Christ he'd be condemning his family. It got down right ugly, when I had to tell him that Christ was the only way, I showed him the verse that says, 'don't say you have abraham as a father because God can raise up children of Abraham from these stones."he even cried. A couple weeks later he called me and said he is getting baptised and had accepted Christ. Everyone was so excited.
Since he has become a believer he's been such a powerful witness. He's changed so much! He's new! Well he's playing Paul in a musical today in Clovis at a baptist church. I asked him how he felt about that and he said, "I love it, Paul is exactly like me." So in this musical he's kinda telling his testimony. It's so exciting I wish I could be there!!


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